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First Spring - Cub facing Mom

Come here...


First Spring - Mom and Cub together, front view

Stay close now...

First Spring - Cub following Mom, back view

Follow me!

First Spring - Mom following  Cub

Stepping out

First Spring
Limited Edition Bronze

Mom: 4 ¼ in. tall, 5 ½ lb.  
Cub:   2 ¾ in. tall, 1 ½ lb.  

This bronze cast of First Spring is one of a limited edition of 100 by sculptor J. Gail Geer of Roanoke, Virginia.  The edition was started in October 1994.

The bronzes are made by lost wax casting, using a mold from the original stone piece. The original piece was carved of white Colorado alabaster and is now owned by a private collector.

Each bronze is cast individually and hand finished.  The pieces are then numbered and signed by the artist.

First Spring - Mom looking back at Cub

Hurry, catch up!



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